Waffen SS Charlemagne

WW2 Re-enactment club

33rd Waffen SS Charlemagne

Welkommen Kameraden or should we say Salut mes amis!

Welcome to the re-enactment site of the 33rd Waffen SS Charlemagne.

This is a UK based re-enactment club who will be portraying the Regiment of the 33rd Waffen SS Charlemagne Division which was originally manned mainly by French citizens who fought in WW2 alongside other Units of the German forces.

This is a recently formed re-enact group who portray this German Unit and apart from a few isolated portrayals this is the first of its kind in the UK, because this is a new group we are hoping by next year to start attending re-enactment events across the Country.

The dress code and portrayal will be strict and only equipment/clothing which was worn by this Unit will allowed to be worn as only certain items were used/issued. A full list including suppliers of reproduction items will be issued upon enlistment.

As this site is still under construction there will be some delay on response etc but hopefully future recruits will be able to access the site including the history of the Charlemagne Unit including photographs of previous events, Uniforms, kit and insignia also actual photographs of the Charlemagne Unit in action.

As for now bon-chance mes braves, good hunting.

SS Unterscharfuhrer : Jean Paul Denoir

(Group leader/Administrator)  


The "Waffen SS Charlemagne Group" is a WW2 re-enactment club and portrays WW2 German fighting troops in a living history aspect, it does not make any profits and is involved in re-enctment shows for charity aspects only 

This is not a "Neo-Nazi" or "White-Power" group, or does it condone or wishes to be involved in any racist or fascist undertakings. Any known persons of the above who wishes membership to this re-encatment group will not be admitted.

Club Administrator.