Waffen SS Charlemagne

WW2 Re-enactment club

About us

Greeting mes amis!, welcome to our site, as said previously this is the web site for the 33rd Waffen SS Charlemagne re-enactment group, we are a non political group and portray the livng history aspects and conditions including uniforms and weaponary of a WW2 German fighting Unit. Hopefully as the group progresses we will be able to attend  re-enactment events which are sometimes done for veteran charities and various other events held for public viewing and attendance.

We hope to maintain a high re-enactment standard adhering to the original dress codes and equipment usage which was used by this unit the 33rd SS Charlemagne Division. Unlike other SS Units and because of the late time period of the War only certain uniforms and equipment was used/issued, this will be explained on the website including photographs which have been posted for reference and guidline purposes, the order of the day is basically late War uniforms and equipment and that Gallic disregard for danger. As explained (see history) most 33rd members were ex French military either serving with the French forces or prior to joining the SS Charlemagne served with the Wehrmacht LVF Regiment or in some cases the French Foreign Legion so standards will be high.


As previously said anybody can join this club, we are looking for males or females aged between 18-50yrs (age would be negotiable/discussed in some cases), of reasonable fit physique as re-enactment events can be physically demanding. Advice with uniforms/kit would be available as will list of suppliers on enlistment but always ask before buying as gear can be expensive especially if the wrong type is purchased first time round. Enlistment is free apart from insurance which will be needed if the applicant wanted to take part in the public battles at events, basically we just need personel and we will try to sort out the rest.


This would be discussed as time goes on but promotion and awards wil be awarded to the applicant based on time of service and events/battles attended and in some cases if a promotion slot becomes vacant, members will be upgraded.

Certain awards were not available to the SS Charlemagne Division such as combat clasp and certain other early awards, in particular the Knights Cross was awarded but none were available to be issued so in most cases the "converted" second Class Iron Cross was worn.


Correct portrayal

Certain insignia and equipment was only worn by the Charlemagne Division, items such as the ficticious "Joan of Arc" collar patches originally had been designed with the Catholic members in mind due to the fact the SS rune patches were viewed as a Pagan idea especially by the Milice members, further it was thought it would divide the men infact they were never issued. The same was said about the Charlemagne cufftitle, this was issued but in small quantities and only to certain members of the Division such as NCO's and Officers who had been on training courses such as the Officer training school at "Bad Tolz" and members of the Pioneer detatchment, as a general rule the Charlemagne members who went on to serve in Berlin 45 did not wear the cufftitle. Certain uniform items were also not widely issued such as the camo smock or "Tarnjacke" these were also not worn in any great number and only worn by certain men and NCO's who had served alongside the "Horst Wessel Division" at Galicia, the camo helmet cover was also unissued and only worn by men of the Division who had either managed to get hold of one or had constructed a "field-made" version.

Bon chance mes amis and good hunting!